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Employment-based immigration

Employment is among the most common paths to enter the U.S. legally. For qualified professionals, the U.S. provides a number of visa options, ranging from entrance for those with in-demand skills to immigration for investors. If you believe you are eligible and qualified to work in the U.S., we can review your visa options with you, including:

  • EB-1 (aliens of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors/researchers, multinational managers or executives)
  • EB-2 (advanced degree/exceptional ability)
  • EB-3 (professionals, skilled workers)
  • EB-5 (investors)
  • PERM Labor Certifications
  • Foreign Nurses Immigration

Non-immigrant visas

Not all visas are designed for those seeking citizenship. If you are working or studying for a set time in the United States, a non-immigrant visa may be the best option for you. We can help you with preparation and filings for:

  • E-1 and E-2 (treaty trader and treaty investor visa)
  • F-1 (student visa)
  • H-1B, H-2B and H-3 (temporary worker categories)
  • J-1 (exchange visitor)
  • L-1 (intercompany transferee)
  • O-1 (alien of extraordinary ability)

EB-5 regional center designation and business plan compliance review

If you are considering applying for immigration as a foreign investor, simply putting money into an existing business or investment opportunity is likely not adequate to qualify you to move forward. We can help you with the necessary preparation for a business plan compliance review, ensuring you have a solid plan that will meet the expectations of the U.S. government.

Marriage-based green cards

Marriage is a very common pathway into the U.S.; however, due to the high potential for fraud, the restrictions are often quite rigid. If you are attempting to seek a Green Card via marriage, we’ll help you build a bulletproof case to increase your likelihood of a successful application.

Adjustment of status

Adjustment of status refers to the process used to apply for permanent resident status in the U.S., while already present in the country. If you are eligible to apply for an adjustment of status, we will help you prepare your application without requiring a return to your home country.

K-1 (fiancé visa)

For those marrying a U.S. citizen, a K-1 fiancé visa can be used to secure legal entry into the United States in the 90 days preceding a wedding. If you are marrying a non-citizen, or are planning to use your upcoming wedding to seek residency, we can help you prepare relevant K-1 forms and build your case to obtain a Green Card after your wedding.

U.S. citizenship through naturalization

Naturalization refers to the process of securing citizenship for those who meet the criteria outlined by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act. If you believe you are a candidate, we can work with you to determine eligibility and work with you to complete all necessary forms, including Form N-400.

Consular processing

If you are not currently living in the U.S., applying for citizenship is still possible. We will assist you in working with your local U.S. consulate to file all necessary paperwork so that you can return legally to the United States.

Family-sponsored immigration

If you have family members who are United States citizens, you may be permitted to apply for citizenship as well. We can help you evaluate your case, determine eligibility, prepare proper forms, and argue your case for U.S. permanent residency or citizenship.

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Reviews from our happy customers

I would like to share my EB-5 experience.
This week, I received my I-829 approval and my 10-year Green Card from my EB-5 Investment.

I feel very fortunate to have been working with the Law Office of Fred Voigtmann and partnership with American Life Inc, when so many other aspiring Visa and Green card applicants have entered into less successful arrangements. With the help of my immigration attorney Mr. Voigtmann, I was able to chose the right regional center, which in the end I became a Permanent Resident of the United States. I am looking forward to apply for my U.S. Citizenship in December of this year.

I am very happy that everything has turned so successfully. It has been an amazing and life changing experience to work with, Fred and his Law Office since day one of my EB-5 investment in 2009.

I would highly recommend the Law Office of Fred Voigtmann and his expertise in everything immigration and EB-5 related, and also American Life Inc for your go to successful EB-5 investment.

THANK YOU for being such a special part of my life and assisting me on my way to become a U.S. Citizen. I couldn't do without YOUR help!

Aydin Atila Cintosun

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